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Harriet Klausner reviews FLIGHTFLIGHT
Vanna Bonta
Meridian, Feb. 1998, 396 pp.

Sandra Wilford wants Mendle for herself. Though she is brilliant (in a calculating way) and beautiful, she knows that she cannot compete with his characters when they only remain on a printed page. If Aira has come to life as Mendle claims, Sandra realizes that, unless she does something drastic she has lost her man. She begins to investigate the amnesiac, but learns things about mankind that would have turned the head of Dr. Frankenstein.

Science fiction fans need to take a FLIGHT into a very interesting novel where quantum physics meets human relationships at the crossroads of dreams and reality. The story line is fun as it humorously jabs save the world and self help books and tapes. Mendle is an interesting dreamer while Sandra is an intriguing schemer. However, it is the ephemeral Aira who steals the show, leaving readers to understand the premise that I think, therefore I create. Vanna Bonta's novel is the best look at the quantum physics universe since the Professor Q books of Trevor Hoyle. Great work that will be devoured by fans who enjoy unique science fictionHarriet Klausner

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